Saturday, September 7, 2013

For Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party: My Dynamic Duo

"For Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party", I am going to share five wonderful facts about my dynamic duo, Tato and Toti. First, like the generous September birthday celebrants, Queen Denise and Princess Sophia of the cyber palace Bebengisms, we also belong to a military family. Hubby is also an Army guy and raising kids in a sometimes single parenting set-up seems to be a roller coaster ride. But I can say that with our kids, everything is worthwhile.

Although my children are two uniquely different little men as I have posted here, I can say that there are five facts that both of them share and make them my dynamic duo:

1. They love the water.

Both Tato and Toti loves to take a dip whether the bathroom balde, their inflatable pool, swimming pool or the sandy beach. There must be something in the water that freshens up their soul. Here they are in our last summer trip in Lian, Batangas.


2. They are always curious about art, animals and everything around them.

They are indeed very curious, sometimes they ask questions out of the blue. I am glad they love to hear us read books at them. That is why we always have to be prepared to have an answer when they asked even at the wee hour of the day. 

Also, at an early age, I've seen potential, whether it be performing arts or visual arts. I just hope they would continue to be confident in participating in school activities and continue to imagine things for them to create and recreate with their hands.

Some of their imaginative works :)


3. They are my handy helpers.

In one of my tales, I've shared how they loved helping in washing the dishes. They have been my little helpers not only in doing little chores at home such as beating egg for their scrambles, soaping the car and watering plants but also in making sure that their dad feels relaxed when his at home. Both of them loves to massage their dad and as a reward they get a massage from me afterwards.  

My Handy Helpers


4. They are typical kids.

Just like every kids, Tato and Toti are typical kids. They can be goofy and wacky, they love playing around and just enjoy being kids. It also means they can be grumpy "monstrous" children then be the sweet ones afterwards.

Play pretend with their cousin

Happy kids


5. They love being loved, they love loving and they're our love.

They grow up in an extended family, they know that they are loved by many and thus they also love loving each other though I must admit that they hit each other sometimes. They know that love means that giving is better than receiving and that life can be nasty and lonely at times but it would always be happy and wonderful it they decide that it would be. Even if they age and grow up taller than me and their dad, they will remain to be our love.  

And now that they are going to have a younger sibling, all I pray is that they would love baby 3 with all their heart. There they are, our dynamic duo, our beloved Tato and Toti :)


  1. I hope baby #3 is a girl! :)

    Thanks for joining! ♥

    1. Wow! Thanks Mommy Denise,such an honor for me that you've dropped by my humble cyber abode <3


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